WiFi- Speed Test

Variables Affecting WiFi Speed

There is more than basically the position and number of devices connected to the router that affects the quality of the quick internet connection that you depend on.

The components that influence the speed of the WiFi have been listed below.

DNS server is delayed of your ISP

Most users tend to use the DNS server provided by the ISP. Sometimes this might be excessively moderate or unreliable, as a result, the internet connection may get slower moreover. In this case, the best movement is to change the default DNS provided by your ISP with a reliable one.

Make sure you are connected to the best network

Most modern consoles, routers, computers, and smartphone devices come with two networks the 2.4GHz network and the 5GHz network. The 2.4GHz network has higher coverage yet lower speeds whereas the 5GHz network have higher speeds and lower coverage. The lower coverage is balanced by the way that the network has less interference.

Your ISP might be stifling you

ISPs may intentionally throttle you in the event that they detect heavy usage or file-sharing applications. In the event that you have a brilliant idea about what your internet speed, checking it regularly is a decent method to keep track of it.

Slow connection and an excessive number of users

2.4GHz networks get saturated very quickly and even with just a few devices connected to it, they begin hindering speeds. This can be resolved by connecting different devices to different networks.

Heavily congested channels

In the event that your channel is heavily congested, what you should do is take a gander at what devices are connected and change them physically through the router alternatives.

Degenerate devices

If a device has a software problem that makes it involve more channels normally, then it is necessary to determine the connection of the device through the router choices.

Old cables

There are a great deal of bounces in network technology that has happened over the years and you can keep steady over it by redesigning the cables frequently.

Restart the router

The reason all IT experts state it when we call them is that sometimes basically killing your router and betraying really does fix internet issues you might be confronting.

Placement of the router

Setting the router in an area where it won't be congested and will reach more focuses.

Wi-Fi extenders

Getting any old WiFi extender likely won't do a ton to improve your connectivity if you neglect to pay attention to certain variables: If it is a cheap extender and the router is old, there will be interference and the speed of the connection will decrease quickly. If the extender has a speed below which the most extreme that the router can offer, you won't be able to take advantage of the bandwidth completely.
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